Hardwood Floor Cleaning in Irvine, CA

Keep Your Hardwood Floors Shining

Hardwood floors are an expensive investment in any home and it’s natural to want to keep them looking like new. Hardwood tends to be in high traffic areas of our homes like the kitchen or entryway. When we track in things like dirt or sand, the finish on our floor can be rubbed off, leaving the wood unprotected. Over time this can leave your floor damaged or warped.

It is agreed upon that most hardwood floors should be cleaned thoroughly 1-4 times a year, depending on the foot traffic and wear that occurs in your home. Let Heaven’s Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning make your floors shine again!

Preserve Your Floors

Hardwood floors may seem like over time they become harder to keep clean. Entryways to your home especially become abused by sand and dirt tracked in. Even when a rug is used to keep the floor clean, that grit and grime can get underneath the rug causing unseen damage. Simply vacuuming or even mopping the floor won’t solve the problem of hardwood being difficult to clean. Hardwood floors over time lose there finish. This is normal and happens as we walk across the floors. Applying a coat of protectant finish will make it so water and grime don’t soak into your floor. This makes your floors easier to keep clean and keeps them looking beautiful.

Our Hardwood Floor Cleaning Process

First, we thoroughly clean your floors and remove any dirt, hair, or dust from the floor. We use our equipment to clean your floors and remove stains and scuffs. We use a unique hardwood floor cleaner that is made to clean, condition, and protect any and all types of hardwood or laminate floors. After the floor is clean we apply a protectant to seal your floor and keep it safe from future spills.

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Why Heaven's Best is the Perfect Choice

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